A system to improve life quality of children with food allergies. 


Parents of children with food allergies and intolerances claimed that they felt helpless not knowing if the children knew what to eat or not when they were away from home. 


How to make children with food allergies or difficulties do not feel different in a negative way? How to make these devices an object of desire that encourages inclusion?


To validate this project, we carried out a research with Argentine doctors specialized in allergies, and collected information from research papers.


Findings from a 2009 to 2010 study of 38,480 children (infant to 18) 8% have a food allergy in the US. 

  • To date, more than 10 studies have shown the educational value of well-designed games, and more specifically, the usefulness of games to motivate children.

  • Children have access to the internet since age 7 and it is going downhill.

  • 45% of food that children consume are packaged. 


It is important to highlight that one of the key data was that there is no cure for food allergy. Food allergies are managed by avoiding the problem food(s) and treat reactions symptoms.

Allfoo, Allfoo = Allergies + Food, is an educational virtual pet that has the same intolerance as the child. The kid have to look after the pet and feed it by scanning de code bar from a real product. It's a wearable device for children with food intolerances and allergies. Through a game, it helps them to identify which foods are risky for them. In Addition, the system provides a platform for their family to monitor the kid behavior. 



This project is not only about a digital mascot but a multiplatform system. Its aim is to improve the quality of life of children with food intolerances and their families. 

The system is compose by a wearable device for children, linked with an app for parents and a community website. This site allows parents to generate containment networks for family members. 

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